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Saturday 13. Jan, 15:00 Uhr

Pittiplatsch on a journey

60 years have now passed since his first television appearance in 1962 in the Sandman’s “Abendgruß”. But to everyone’s delight, he is still up to his mischief. Not only on screen, but also on tour.

His head is full of crazy ideas, he wonders about everything he doesn’t know with “Oh my nose”, he’s a bit cheeky, sometimes cheeky but not angry, in the end he’s understanding and then he’s dear Pittiplatsch again. His stage show takes him on a journey in a discarded railroad carriage, with passengers including Schnatterinchen, Mr. Fox & Mrs. Magpie (they have promised not to quarrel), Mischka Bear, Moppi and, of course, Pittiplatsch. Songs and sketches are the focus of the one-hour show with the TV favorites. The scenes are performed with the original puppets and the members of the Pittiplatsch ensemble from Berlin.

Pittiplatsch the leprechaun’s television career began with a twist. After his first appearance on TV, he was immediately banned from the screen. Those responsible at the time thought this round, chocolate-brown goblin with his beady eyes was simply too cheeky. It was feared that children in the country would emulate this creature.

But the television producers, who were flooded with baskets full of letters from outraged viewers, had to react. Six months later, Pitti moved back into Master Nadelöhr’s tailor’s shop with softened texts and a new outfit and was now the third member of the team alongside the know-it-all Schnatterinchen and the well-behaved Bummi, who greeted all fairy tale fans young and old once a week.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, there have been regular guest performances on various occasions in theaters, inns and open-air stages. Pittiplatsch and his friends can now be experienced live in East and West.

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