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Friday 24. May, 20:00 Uhr

ALIN COEN – Live 2024

At the concerts in October, fans can look forward to Alin Coen’s songs from the last few years. But the program will also include one or two new songs that have not yet been released. Accompanied by her long-standing band members Fabian Stevens on drums and Philipp Martin on bass, she will take the audience on an emotional journey with her soulful lyrics.

Known for her unique way of working out inner states during the songwriting process and making them tangible for her audience through the songs, Alin Coen explains: “My specialty is heartbreak and dealing with rejection. When I write songs, I listen to the music that is created and try to find words and stories that fit the feeling that the music triggers in me.”

The message in Alin Coen’s music differs from the classic approach of singer-songwriters. “Singer-songwriters have a different drive to write music than I do. They have a political message that they want to convey through the music,” she explains. “My inspiration comes from music more from observing the inside than the outside.” Although it moves and concerns her, she doesn’t feel the urge to tackle political issues like feminism in her songs.

The tour is presented by Kulturnews and event.


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