Transparency is important to us. Especially because we are financed to a large extent by grants and donations in addition to our own funds.

In Germany, there are no uniform publication requirements for civil society organizations. Transparency helps to make one’s own work comprehensible to the public and donors, thus strengthening trust and credibility.

In 2010, on the initiative of Transparency International Deutschland e.V., numerous actors from civil society and academia defined ten basic points that every civil society organisation should make accessible to the public.

We participate in the Transparent Civil Society Initiative and therefore commit to making the following ten pieces of information available to the public and keeping them up to date.

1. name, registered office, address and year of foundation

Name, registered office, address
Year of foundation 1997

Contact person on the subject of transparency:
Ben Ulke (Public Relations & Marketing)

2. complete statutes as well as information on the objectives of our organisation

to the statutes of the association
general information on the objectives: Mission statement of the Alter Gasometer facility

3. information on the tax concession

Our non-profit status and the resulting tax benefits were last confirmed in 2019 by the Zwickau tax office with a notice of exemption.

4. name and function of key decision-makers

on the Annual Report 2021 (p. 9, 13 ff.) and the contacts

5th Activity Report

on the Annual Report 2021 (p. 16 ff.)

6. staff structure

on the Annual Report 2021 (p. 9, 13 ff.)

7. information on the source of funds

on the Annual Report 2021 (p. 59 ff.), on the Financial Statement 2020

8. information on the use of funds

on the Annual Report 2021 (p. 59 ff.), on the Financial Statement 2020

9. corporate legal ties with third parties

We are an independent non-profit association.
You can find cooperations and memberships in the annual report.

on the Annual Report 2021 (p. 57 ff.)

10. names of persons whose annual payments represent more than 10% of the total annual budget.

In 2020, this criterion was met by grants from the Vogtland Zwickau cultural area for socio-cultural work and grants from the city of Zwickau for the fields of cultural work, youth work and democracy work.