Volunteer in the association Alter Gasometer

Volunteering at “Gaso” is as diverse as the association itself: You like to get involved in the field of youth work and have a lot of ideas how to get access to young people in a playful way? You are interested in actively shaping a socio-cultural offer for Zwickau? Or you would like to help support democratic structures in Zwickau?

With your voluntary commitment you will be an important part of making Zwickau even more beautiful. Your ideas help to create a tolerant and inclusive coexistence. We appreciate this commitment very much and are happy to support you in implementing your projects and plans.

The departments of the Gasometer

The association Alter Gasometer e.V. is looking forward to volunteers in various fields of work and projects. Whether as a volunteer in the framework of a FSJ or federal voluntary service, whether as a volunteer in the projects of our fields of work cultural work, democracy work and youth work or as a multiplier in our offers of cultural education or also as a time donor in our projects such as “Historisches Dorf” or “Zwickauer Jugendbuffet”. The fields of activity of our association offer a variety of opportunities for civic engagement.

To find out what opportunities Alter Gasometer e.V. offers, you can make a personal appointment.

There are many good reasons to get active

We work every day to create an open-minded and tolerant environment for everyone. We want to be a place of diversity. Let’s be an enrichment for the association and the society of Zwickau together. Volunteering at the Gasometer brings you:

  • Helping is simply fun – and having fun makes you happy
  • Volunteering provides meaning, empowerment and support
  • Volunteering strengthens the sense of community and awakens team spirit
  • Volunteering strengthens self-confidence
  • Volunteering improves our social skills
  • Being actively involved in the world makes you happy
  • Those who give a lot also get a lot in return

If you think the same it is an honor for us to support you! Because that means you give us and the people you work with a part of your time and energy. For that we want to thank you in advance. With all this commitment, we take great care that responsibilities are shared and that everyone is deployed according to their own abilities and time resources. For us, this means that we look out for each other. We make sure that you do not overwhelm yourself in your commitment and also distribute tasks to others and you communicate with us dutifully and reliably if you can not perform tasks.

We look forward to talking with you.