As an industrial monument, the Old Gasometer is not only a sight to behold in the middle of the city of Zwickau, but also lends an unmistakable face to the most diverse forms of events. The extraordinary architecture provides an unforgettable setting for concerts, theatre performances, parties and celebrations, meetings and conferences, readings or art house cinema.

The “Alter Gasometer” association is the result of a development story that began in autumn 1989. Today, the association stands for a high-quality and diverse programme with a focus on youth work, democracy work and cultural work. Education and participation are central building blocks here.

In the meantime, offers no longer take place only at the Kleine Biergasse location. Since 2015, we have been running the Historical Village in Zwickau Schedewitz in cooperation with the Diakonie Stadtmission Zwickau. From 2019 onwards, we will be even more involved in rural areas – our street work team will be on the road in the towns of Crimmitschau, Kirchberg, Mülsen and Wilkau-Haßlau. Since July 2020, we have also been running the youth club in the town of Kirchberg. In addition, we organise various events in public spaces for or with partners.

The description as a socio-cultural centre wants to show that it is about an approach that offers a free space to people of different ages, different origins and diverse views of life and faith. Differences should not be recognised as separating, but as stimulating and enriching.

Such a project needs the commitment of many people: Full-time or voluntary staff, association members, guests at events or course participants. We are a strong community and always open and interested in you and your ideas – join us.

Claim of the association

The description as a socio-cultural centre wants to make clear that it is about an approach that offers a free space to people of different ages, different origins, different views of life and beliefs. Differences should not be recognised as separating, but as stimulating and enriching. Cultural, social, educational and other contents demonstrate a holistic orientation.

Contrary to the increasing consumerism, socio-cultural centres want to enable a high degree of co-determination and co-creation. The offers arise from the needs of the users, they process everyday social life, offer a framework for testing and experimentation and have an impact on the community.

This content orientation also means that what has been achieved does not represent the final form, but is subject to constant change.

Legal form

The Alter Gasometer e.V. association was entered in the register of associations at Chemnitz Local Court on 15 July 1997 under number VR 71258 and, according to the merger agreement of 19 February 2002, is the legal successor to the founding association BUNTES ZENTRUM (from 1992) and FRIEDENSZENTRUM (1989). The e.V. acts in the sense of the law of associations according to the BGB.

The Board of Directors

The Executive Committee shall conduct the business of the Association and manage its assets.

The Board of Directors was last elected in September 2021 for a period of 2 years. Its current members are: Sebastian Dietzsch (Chairman of the Association), Dr Martin Böttger (Deputy Chairman) and Christian Dzierzon (Treasurer).

The Executive Director, who is authorised to sign, is an advisory member of the Board and a special representative of the Association within the meaning of §30 BGB (German Civil Code).

Become a member

If CHILDREN & YOUTH, SOCIAL & EDUCATION and ART & CULTURE arouse your interest, then the Alte Gasometer e.V. offers many opportunities to pursue or support these interests. Young people and adults can actively participate in all areas, develop and implement projects themselves, as well as contribute and shape their suggestions and experiences to the socio-cultural centre of the Zwickau region.

You can become an ordinary member who can actively participate in all decisions of the association and take time for voluntary work. Or you find the work and goals of the association important, but don’t have enough time to volunteer – then supporting membership would be the right thing for you.

As a member of the association:

  • Support the work of the association morally and financially and thus commit yourself to the socio-cultural centre of the Zwickau region.
  • you will be regularly invited to special activities of the association
  • you get a discount on admission to selected events of the association
  • you can use certain rooms and technology at a reduced rate
  • and much more…

Ehrenamtliches Engagement in unserem Verein

The Alter Gasometer e.V. association welcomes volunteers in a wide variety of fields and projects. Whether as a volunteer within the framework of an FSJ or Federal Volunteer Service, whether as a volunteer in the projects of our fields of work cultural work, democracy work and youth work or as a multiplier in our offers of cultural education or also as a donor of time in our projects such as “Historical Village” or “Zwickau Youth Buffet”. The fields of activity of our association offer a variety of opportunities for civic engagement.

We think there are good reasons for volunteering…

  • Helfen macht einfach Spaß – und Spaß macht glücklich
  • Ehrenamtliches Engagement stiftet Sinn, Selbstbestimmung und Halt
  • Ehrenamtliches Engagement stärkt das Gemeinschaftsgefühl und weckt den Teamgeist
  • Ehrenamtliches Engagement stärkt das Selbstbewusstsein
  • Ehrenamtliches Engagement verbessert unsere sozialen Kompetenzen
  • Sich aktiv in der Welt zu engagieren, macht glücklich
  • Wer viel gibt, der bekommt auch viel zurück

…talk to us, we look forward to hearing from you.