Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance

The coordination office of the “Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance”, which is located in the association “Alter Gasometer” in Zwickau, fully started its work in January 2009. The day-to-day work of the coordination office results from the recommendations of the “Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance of the Zwickau Region” and the conception of the work area of democracy work.

People in the Zwickau region perceive the coordination office of the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance of the Zwickau region as a competent and central contact in matters of democracy work and networking on the topics of citizen participation, anti-discrimination, further education, as well as flight and asylum and the integration of people living here. The work of the alliance is carried out according to a fixed mission statement.

Its main tasks are to work against right-wing extremism and to promote democracy, tolerance and human dignity.

Detailed information can be found on the website of the Zwickau Democracy Alliance.

Our office hours:

TUESDAY 10-12 h
MITTWOCH 10-18 Uhr
THURSDAY 10-12 h

Other dates possible by prior arrangement!

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